CARROUSEL is a feature film, wich was shot with 5 cameras out of te protagonist´s view. The actors wore the camera in turns and the 5 final films are projected onto the 4 walls plus ceiling of a projection space
The audience is surrounded by the experience of the protagonist. At first the title of the film was: P.O.V Point of view is an expression in film making, eich means shot out of the protagonist´s view
The title P.O.V describes the visual concept, the title CARROUSEL shows what we see as an audience in the projection space.
Every thing is like a carrousel, visually and emotionally
The narrative structure of "La Ronde" consists of a repeating event: Two people meet and there is an emotional interaction between them; in the next scene the second person meets someone else, again there are emotions, and then the second personof the new scene meets someone else again and so on and so on...until the last person meets the first person and the circle is closed.
It was essential for the movie to film the action out of the subjective view. The motion of the protagonist´s head is fundamental. It is the backbone of the film. It changes the perception and the sense of space. The viewers are inevitable drawn into the experience They see with the eyes of the protagonists and therefore part of the action.
It is a kind of cinema, with does not show the narrative trough an objective third eye (wich forces the viewer to judge and evaluate the actions). It exists out of iselfs.

96 min.
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