November 2017

VR NOW Con 2017 – The Tech Biz Art Conference

August 2017

We finished the filming of Ballavita. The rendering the selected shots has started, so we can begin with the CGI. Postproduction should be finished in December. For more information please visit our Facebook page.

June 2017

BALLAVITA: Dancing rehearsals are starting next week!!!

We are in the midst of our preparations for our short narrative Virtual Reality film. The cast is ready and we are looking forward to Thomas Kraml, Bianca Kraml and Haymon Maria Buttinger. In the last four weeks we built the camera, which consists out of 8 single cameras and we are testing lenses. We will definitely shoot the film with lenses of 2 different focal length. We designed different virtual sets, because the whole film will shot in green screen at the NOISIA Studios in Tullnerbach, Lower Austria. More news for BALLAVITA are available on our facebook page.

BALLAVITA: The content

Ballavita is narrative film, a parabel about VR. An old man is looking constantly for the dreams of other people.
He is addicted to them, they are his drug. In the basement he cultivates them in the form of flowers. He cultivates them diligently in preserving jars. However, when he has "experienced" a dream, he has drawn all life out of the flower and the flower withers. So he is always searching for new dreams.
He notices the argument between Maria and Anton, a young couple. He succeeds in separating them and he tries to get hold of Maria's dreams. But Maria has no dreams, he only has to live through her anxieties and nightmares....

February 2017

!!! NEW FILM!!! ***BALLAVITA*** !!! NEW FILM!!!

The beginning of a love.
You feel dizzy and your heart explodes when you meet your heart- throb. Then you realize your feelings are met. What a joy! But then what? Who will do the first move? You feel you are on a balance beam; to expose yourself might be a risk and to act unconcerned is not want you want…So what will you do?

Link to the Official Facebookpage

Shooting starts in April!